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 Join us for an engaging and interactive experience either online or in-person to participate in a variety of workshops focused on integrating resilience practices (exercises in gratitude, reframing, mind-body awareness, positive psychology). The latest research indicates that organizations that focus on resiliency as a key indicator of success have physically and emotionally healthier teams, foster innovation in practice, have greater retention and become a highly sought out employer for the next generation of team members. Join us to learn how you can identify, apply and measure the impact of integrating resiliency for yourself and your team. Each workshop features a brief lecture grounded in the latest cutting-edge research, promising practices, and practical tools to apply immediately. 

Kami Norland, CEO of Integrative Resources

Our Instructors

  • Integrative Re-Sources, CEO, Kami Norland, MA, ATR is a national and international speaker and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, specifically rural and mental health.  After 12 years of traveling across the US working with state and federal governments, small rural hospitals, rural health clinics and networks, and numerous community-led initiatives, Norland identified a systemic need to integrate resilience practices into organizational cultures as she observed too many people compromising their health for their job that could replace them in a week. The need was so strong, Norland founded Integrative Re-Sources, LLC combining her expertise in strategic planning and community development with her knowledge and education in resilience, positive psychology and mind-body medicine approaches. An organization (or community's) greatest asset is the health and resilience of its people. "Being intentional about our health and aligning our values with actions, simply, makes --cents!" This unique perspective reminds workshop participants to focus on what matters. 
  • Integrative Re-Sources, President, Dr. Olaf Kuhlke (seen above, on right) is an internationally recognized educator and researcher who was the first to establish a cultural entrepreneurship program in a University setting in North America. Originally trained as a geographer, his research, teaching and community development work focuses on economic development, entrepreneurship, and innovation, as well as resiliency and vulnerability in leadership.  Kuhlke conducts resiliency research and facilitates workshops for Integrative Re-Sources. He is currently working on a National Science Foundation-sponsored project in the Canadian Arctic and Northern Alaska. His research team is exploring ways in which  Inuit/Koyukon communities can utilize entrepreneurship and resiliency training to build their local economies, and implement entrepreneurship and digital media training programs in remote Arctic Communities.  "Just like healthcare, self-care should be an essential part of work place strategies"

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Female Federation of Entrepreneurs in Dakhla, Western Sahara (2019)

Our Community

Integrative Re-Sources works nationally and internationally on leveraging an organization (or community's) resilience to spur economic growth and innovation. Workshops are held in person or online for organizations or communities that are facing challenges but know that they have the courage, curiosity, compassion, connections, and consistency to thrive, not merely survive. 

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Workshop: Leading through Vulnerability

5:30 pm - 7 pm

Impact Hub, 817 Fifth Ave S #400, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Workshop: Leading through Vulnerability

We invite you to participate in an engaging, honest, and poignant workshop facilitated by Dr. Olaf Kuhlke that evaluates what it means to lead with masculinity, vulnerability, and face stress and adversity in a changing work environment. Anyone is welcome to attend,  but the session is focused more on individuals that identify as male entrepreneurs, organizational managers or leaders. Register now:    

5:30 pm - 7 pm

Impact Hub, 817 Fifth Ave S #400, Minneapolis, MN 55404


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